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Geeky techy stuff   

The Base Chopper is the bass players’ share of Audio Kitchen philosophy. Its solid, refined feel delivers a sense of both power and precision.

It addresses the perennial goal of producers and engineers – how to get the bass to sit further forward in the mix. The Base Chopper’s faithful reproduction of transients achieves clarity across its volume range, and space in the mix without having to resort to the use of distortion or the ultimately self-defeating use of ‘more top end’.

Initially, design was focused purely on this goal; once we achieved this, we sought ways the Base Chopper could further inspire, and pursued harmonic distortion alternatives. As with our other amplifiers, experimentation augmented by thorough listening sessions enabled us to explore ways of bending the waveform, whilst maintaining the definition of each note. This process allowed the amplifier to govern the route to more extreme textures.

The Base Chopper yields a refreshingly direct route to definitive bass performance.