Guitar Cabinet (1x12" 1x Celestion blue)

£772 + VAT*
(£926.4 inc. VAT)

Price does not include shipping.
*VAT is only applied to sales within the UK
BUT you will be subject to import tax at your country's customs border.


Speakers are the cross-over between electrical and mechanical domains and the last link in the chain before signal reaches your ears. Traditionally drivers used for guitar and bass duties are woofers, and as such, impose their own hefty EQ curve on any signal presented to them. Modify that curve by varying the enclosure design and it is clear that your speaker cabinet and driver choice form a large part of the sound.

Our standard selection of cabinets has been optimised over the years to produce the types of sounds we want to hear from our amps. From the ‘open/ closed back’ feature on the guitar speaker cabs to our custom made 10″ bass drivers, all details are aimed at making them compliment the amps they serve. A combination of critical listening and feedback from customers has allowed us to refine the designs to their present state, but as always, we are happy to discuss specific requirements and modify designs should the need arise.




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