About Us

Many musicians have found their ideal sounds in our amps and I have been fortunate enough to witness a number of them performing at shows ranging from intimate clubs to tens of thousands. Regardless of the context, players use our amps because they feel that spark of inspiration every time they plug in.

Audio Kitchen's compact nature allows us a direct relationship with each customer and enables us to tailor our benchmark designs to serve the specific needs of individual players. We embrace opportunities to customise our amps for specific tasks, and pursue an ever-finer level of detail to make sure each new amp moves closer to the elusive 'sound in my head'.

Imagine your ideal amp sound. Analyse what makes it ideal and I'll wager it has a lot to do with how it makes you feel. Our emotions are inextricably bound up in performance and inspiration, and as such are integral to the tools we use when we perform.

The faster and less cluttered the response of an amp, the more inspiring I find it. When every little detail of how I attack the instrument is transmitted straight back to me, I automatically modify my playing in response and the loop continues. Tightening of that response cycle is our primary motivation for making amps. We deliberately don't pay homage to specific 'classics', instead we strive to produce the most engaging, musically inspiring designs we can. Consequently, when you hear one of our amps, your first impression is precisely that – we prefer you to establish your own views based on what you hear rather than what you have been told.

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