Steve Albini (Shellac/Producer)

‘Some songs required a dead clean sound, some a more gravely one, and the ‘power’ control was more than useful in shaping the overall sound. I and the player were both impressed.’

‘The amp is nice …it has a number of nice sounds and it has gotten some attention, primarily from guitarists whose natural sound is not heavily distorted but shouldn’t sound utterly clean. The power attenuation thing is interesting from a technical standpoint but hasn’t yet proven to be the thing that blows people away. What people like about it is the nice transition from clean to mild breakup and the generally pretty high end. It doesn’t have the brittle quality some small amps do. It was used several times for the electric signal from an acoustic guitar pickup, and it was particularly nice in that capacity, as some amps make piezoelectric signals sound raspy and harsh, but the Kitchen was more forgiving. It was also used by a country Telecaster flatpicker in preference to our Fender Twin, and the results there were excellent for similar reasons.’

‘Your amplifier will be well loved here.’

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